Ausrüstung für das Entladen verschiedener Materialien im Hafen

1. Hohe Effizienz der Schiffsentladung.
2. Starke Anpassungsfähigkeit an Ladung und Schiffstyp.
3. Geringe Umweltverschmutzung.
4. Einfache Struktur und kleine Qualität.

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1. High efficiency of ship unloading.

The ship unloader is equipped with a reverse rotary reclaiming device, so that the material is more closely in the conveying pipe flow at a uniform speed, vertical screw conveyor filling rate can be as high as 70% to 90%. Screw ship unloader gantry travelling, body rotation, horizontal arm pitching, vertical arm swing, so that the reclaiming device can reach any position in the cabin, and the reclaiming device has the function of automatic loosening and digging, so regardless of the fluidity of the material, in the bottom of the cabin is only 30cm to 50cm thick before the layer of material, ship unloaders can be close to full work without questioning, and its average productivity can reach rated Its average productivity can reach more than 70% of the rated productivity.

2. Strong adaptability to cargo and ship type.

Screw ship unloader can be used to unload all kinds of powder, granular and lumpy materials, in unloading some of the materials that have been compacted or even formed a hard shell after being transported by sea, such as fertilisers, cement, potash and so on, due to the reversing reclaiming screw or loosening cutter installed outside the reclaiming device has the function of loosening the materials, and it can meet the requirements of unloading very well. The vertical part of the screw ship unloader has small cross-section size, and the walking, turning, pitching, swinging and other auxiliary agencies to ensure that the machine's flexible action, it can be suitable for all types of barges and sea vessels.

3. Small environmental pollution.

The material conveying system of the screw ship unloader is completely closed, there is no dust flying during the ship unloading operation, and there is no leakage of material or material odour. For such as cement, coal, chalk powder, potash, ammonium phosphate and other materials that are easy to pollute the air unloading, the use of spiral ship unloader is particularly favourable. Screw ship unloader noise is also small, the sound level can be controlled at 60dB (A) below.

4. Simple structure, small quality.

Screw ship unloader material conveying system are composed of no flexible traction components of the screw conveyor, conveyor does not return to the branch, the structure is relatively simple, the vertical arm and the horizontal arm of the cross-section of the smaller size. Under the same condition of productivity and object ship, the mass of screw ship unloader is much smaller than that of grab ship unloader, and it is also one of the smallest mass among various mechanical continuous ship unloaders. Therefore, the cost of screw ship unloader is lower, and the requirement of quay bearing capacity is lower.

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